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Why Transformers?

As a kid from the 80's, I pretty much grew up watching and playing with Transformers and G.I. Joes. Playing with toys was as cool as a kid could feel it, but what really made a difference between G.I. Joes and Transformers is that G.I. Joes lack the fantasy that's behind the Transformers... c'mon, there was nothing as cool as robots from outher space, that could transform into vehicles, and that could also combine making huge and giagantic robots... and to make this just better, the toys where so damn cool to play with... so, this is my rendition to the Transformers.

About my personal collection...

As I kid, I had plenty of transformers... oh, those unforgettable Christmas and birthdays... my parents knew exactly what to gave me! But well, as a much as I loved them, most, if not all of my transformers where either damaged or stolen (by an aunt, suppostly... how nice, right?), so... now, at age 25, I decided to recollect them through ebay. What pushed me to do so? Well, I remember having a lot of transformers that I never saw on "The Transformers" cartoon (I clearly remember having God Ginrai and Snaptrap, from Masterforce), but I was pretty sure that they were transformers alright. Months before the movie came out, I came across the transformers series wiki (it's linked to the half autobot half decepticon logo at the lower right side of this webpage) and found out that there were actually 5 g1 series! So I pretty much got all of them, and became hooked to the transformers again! As for now, I started collecting the leaders from both Decepticons and Autobots from all Transformers series, and a few others that got on tha way. I'm proud to introduce my own personal collection!

Wanna Buy?

If you want to buy action figures from The Transformers, o any other cartoon, don't hesitate to call me at 8885-3257, or drop me an email at leoncarlos@gmail.com and I'll prepare a pre-invoice of the piece you want, no strings attach. 

Also, I ALWAYS have on sale ALL the G1 series with latin audio!!! This means that you will be watching and hearing the cartoon just like in Costa Rica's late 80's!!! Each DVD costs 2000 colones. If you want a Transformers series in english, call o send me an email and I'll reply as soon as possible with an answer.

Next, a list of the existing series for sale:

  • The Transformers. 11 Dvds.
  • The Movie. 1 Dvd.
  • The Headmasters. 4 Dvds.
  • Masterforce. 5 Dvds.
  • Victory. 5 Dvds.
  • Zone y Scramble City (Japannese with Spanosh Subtitles) 1 Dvd.
  • Beast Wars. 6 Dvds.
  • Beast Machines. 2 Dvds.
  • Transformers Robots In Disguise. 5 Dvds.
  • Transformers Armada (spoken in Spanish from Spain). 5 Dvds.
  • Transformers Energon (first Season). 3 Dvds.
Make sure to check my auctions at
http://kaliaticus.hi5.com or at www.mercadolibre.co.cr

Thank you very much, and hope to help you in a near future. Have a nice day!

About Me...

Like I said before, I'm 25, and I'm a very proud costarrican. I was born in Turrialba, and grew up there. I lived from july '95 til july '96 in Cambridge, MA, and then came back to Costa Rica. I studied computer science in the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, and currently work for Babel Software.

My real name is Carlos León, but most people know me by my nickname, Kali, which is part of my transformer nickname, Kaliaticus, named after a childhood friend who constantly laught at my passion for transformers and combined my nickname with Bruticus lol

As for now, I'm living in Curridabat, and I shared a life with my family, my 3 dogs, and the sweetest girl ever, my girlfriend Marisol. 

To contact me, email me at: